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Deja is a registered therapy dog and breed ambassador 


Deja Vu was named after my first groenendael. She loves to works and she gets frustrated when she isn't part of the action. I had great success with her, but unfortunately I was repeatedly forced to change trainers, clubs, and sports.  Deja is the type of dog that wants to please and it broke my heart to watch her deal with all the drama I kept introducing her too. Deja help me find my present club, trainer, and decoys. Deja is on vacation from working and enjoying her life as my husband's dog. I consider starting her working career again, but I am limited with working three dogs in French Ring Sport. In time, I will finsh her conformation and obedience titles. She keeps telling me that she would love to do sheep, but my limited amount of available time has limited this.

OFA hips Good A2, OFA Elbows Normal, Eye Cerf  Normal 2005,2008. No missing teeth. Temperment test completed at 15 months old in Mexico. Thyroid tested. 2010 OFA Cardiac normal




Malek de Salte Cabre IPO 3 KORAD WM-BB 01'47

HD A A                       Free Hips and Elbows

Duke du Lac du Lezert  RING3  s.r. Ut Working Champion, Ring 3 sel. 96HD A

Atos  FR3

G'Vitou des Deux Pottois RING 3     BELG RING 1
Onde du Spacieux Vallon
Alfa du Manoir d'Ardivillier Stop de la Noaillerie RING 3
Octane de la Fontaine du Buis
Harmony de Salte Cabre RING 2Carlos de Salte Cabre  RING 3Starko de la Fontaine du Buis  RING 3
Plouky de Salte Cabre
Adja de Salte CabreRitz  RING 3
Naylly de Salte Cabre

 Belgerac Yla      TJH (Army Service dog)   


Breston van't Bentsteetje IPO3 p.E,p.W SPH II UV


R.E INT NL Ch Falk vom Nauenhof SchH3 VDH WW- 85 HD-A2

FR.CH Lewis Du Parc D'Emonville

Ballerine Vom Nauenhof   HD-A1

NL CH. Ozo van't Bentsteetje  HD-B

Benno Jaroe De La Beaute Belgique  HD-A
Tefque Van't Bentsteetje
Eternity's Joy of Belgerac R.A. KORAD LP I LP II, 3 x CAC


R.E. Greco de la Grande Lande  HD-B1

R.E. CH. Fandy Black de Condivicnum HD-A
R.E. Evy du Clos du Cher HD-A

E.B. Vaquita's Alice of Eternity      HD-A

R.E. CH INT NL Falk vom Nauenhof SchH3 VDH WW- 85     HD-A2

Majka van't Belgisch Schoon








SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Album "Feel Like Sh@t , Deja VU"



Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies 

I believe the selection of a dog's name is very important, because dogs tend to live up to their names. My dogs are my passion... a passion that my husband will never fully understand. Music is my husband's first love and I will never fully comprehend the full depth his obsession for music.All my dogs are named after legendary music bands that influenced and forced new evolution in music. Like the bands my dogs are named after, I hope that my dogs will as be a positive influence in the evolution of the working groenendael/ belgian sheepdog. Each name combines the love of music and dogs.

Deja was named after one of my favorite songs from a band that always inspires me to take anything life has to offer. The name had special meaning with the combination of the memories of my first belgian sheepdog and the inspiration I gained thru the music from the band. Deja lives up to her name.... with her spirt, odd sense of humor, and spunk.  She is my Suicidal Tendencies thrash metal/ punk rebel. 

Suicidal Tendencies are often credited as being among the first bands to mix hardcore punk and metal into a new sound dubbed crossover thrash. Sometimes regarded as the progenitors of skate punk, they later incorporated significant heavy metal, thrash metal,  and even funk and hip hop elements into their sound. The legacy of the band is in their versatility and in their experimentation with different sounds. The fact that the band has never broken through into the mainstream does not impact their legacy at all but instead helps to cement them in the pantheon of rock as they were one of the first bands to create skate punk and blend thrash, hip hop, heavy metal and funk into a cohesive sound. Music generally acts as a reflection of its time and surroundings. Suicidal Tendencies took this to heart and became the chameleons of aggressive rock `n' roll.